Just Smoke the Real Stuff!

By Margaret St. Pierre

Is your dealer dry? Don’t have the funds for a 20 sac? Or worse, do you not know where to find everyone’s favorite herb? Luckily enough for you, a new substance is trending among people who have the same exact problems!

Don’t go jumping for joy just yet for as of late, synthetic pot, otherwise known as “K2” or “spice,” has caused some serious problems among it’s users. While it used to be available at gas stations and convenient stores all over the US, in February of this year K2 was removed from the shelves and labeled as controlled substance due to some scary side effects. DEA Agent Gary Boggs is quoted saying “legal doesn’t mean safe” in this CBS news story.

Synthetic pot is based around a blend of seemingly harmless floral ingredients. The recipe calls for “bay bean, blue lotus, lion’s tail, lousewort, Indian warrior, dwarf skullcap, maconhabrava, pink lotus, marshmallow, red clover, rose, Siberian Motherwort, vanilla, and honey.” Apparently the base is totally harmless until it is sprayed with a toxic chemical called JWH-018, a chemical invented by John W. Huffman, a former chemistry professor at Clemens University. Huffman is famous for testing the effects of various synthetic THC chemicals (Check out this interview with Huffman on synthetic marijuana here).

There have been a number of incidents resulting in a serious need for medical attention after smoking K2.

One girl, brought in for “altered mental status,” was catatonic: her eyes were open but she didn’t respond to the voices of those around her or to painful pinches. Her heart rate was fast, at 105 beats per minutes, but her breathing was slow, at 18 breaths per minute. Her legs were rigid. After she was treated with lorazepam, an anti-anxiety drug, and diphenhydramine, to treat muscle movement problems, she started to come around, slowly. Her boyfriend said they’d smoked K2.

Another teenager, a boy, was brought to the ER from a party, because he was “agitated,” aggressive, restless, dizzy, and suffered a headache and profuse sweating. He also had a fast heart rate, but slow breathing. He had smoked Spice, but his urine tests came back negative. He was also given lorazepam and diphenhydramine, and later released.

A third teen was brought in to the ER because his face seemed “frozen,” his speech was slurred, and he was confused and hallucinating. He was given lorazepam and eventually returned to normal. He’d also smoked Spice, hours earlier.

Teens are getting more bang for their buck smoking this garbage because the chemicals in synthetic pot bond to the cannabis receptor in your brain 5x stronger than regular THC can. While it sounds like a dream come true for some, smoking spice is resulting in some dangerous long-term health issues.

I personally have had the displeasure of smoking K2 a few months ago when my money flow was limited and the warm weather was coming in full swing. Take it from me when I tell you it’s totally not worth it your money- I didn’t end up the emergency room or anything but I had a series of panic attacks that were pretty much impossible to explain to my mom. I was short of breath, terribly upset, paranoid and all around a huge mess.

Isn’t it funny that the only reason this stuff is available is because real marijuana is illegal? Having said that, the moral of the story is- if you see this junk around, save your money and buy the real stuff. No one is looking for a mental break down when they are trying to get high and that’s all that will come out of smoking K2.


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